007/2014 : Old School Raw

WWE Raw went Old School again last night. It’s a show they do once a year which allows them to wheel out the likes of Rowdy Roddy Piper, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Sgt Slaughter etc etc for one night and put them into random comedy moments which have little or no bearing on anything storyline related at all.

One thing it does make you think about is the good old days of WWE. But then it makes you think even more about when the best days were. And it’s a whole era between then and now. It was the days of The Rock and Stone Cold, Edge & Christian doing poses for the camera, the Hardyz jumping from the top of huge ladders…and who can forget “D-Von…get the tables!”

If the WWE want to hark back to good times, go back to the era most fans talk about…the Attitude Era. DX ripping things up left right and center and causing mayhem, the whole Monday Night Wars era when things happened that had people talking.

Unfortunately, I missed a lot of the attitude era, only coming back to the WWE in 2000 but I saw some fantastic things after that…

…but as seemingly the whole world goes PG and WWE are frightened to upset anyone and everyone just in case Linda McMahon doesn’t get the votes she needs for whatever political campaign is up next, can the WWE keep it’s viewership? Probably.

Unfortunately though, it seems like we are dependant upon 2 month visits from Brock Lesnar, or a few months of The Rock to keep interest peaked. Between those times we have CM Punk and Daniel Bryan being the best in the business whilst a lot of mediocre mid-card doesn’t keep us entertained. I find myself fast-forwarding a lot of Raw’s lower card matches, and I can’t even remember the last time I watched Smackdown…it never used to be like that!

But I will continue to watch because it’s a product I love and respect, and let’s face it, the alternative is TNA or Eastenders!


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