Page ???/365 : HELP ME! (Officially 364/365)

OK…this is embarrassing.

So, since January 1st, I have been posting a blog a day…but check this out…today’s blog going by the numbers would have been 363/365 – But it’s December 30th…so it should be 364/365! ARGH!

I’m missing a day somewhere. I know sometimes I have left it a day or so and played catchup…but I have no idea where my missing day it…can you find it?

OK…here’s the deal…whoever can find my missing day on my blog will win a super-duper prize…Seriously…this is your mission…try to find out where my blog went wrong and you will win!

In other news, watched Bad Boys with Will Smith & Martin Lawrence for the first time ever. Cracking film.

Went for a LivingSocial deal meal at Ashiana Indian restaurant in Bradford and it was rubbish. The buffet had cracking starter selection, but all the currys tasted exactly the same! Not good.

So…tomorrow I will have a mammoth 2013 review…it’s been a fun year. But in the meantime….find my missing day!!!

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