Page 345/365 : 11/12/13

Check out today’s date. Yup. It’s the 11th December 2013 which means that written numerically it reads 11/12/13. It’s the last time this will happen in our lifetime as the next consecutive number date will be 1st February 2103…a date not many of us will see!

But lots of confusion was caused when I pointed this out on Twitter today and received the following messages back :


And this brought about the whole debate around how the English and the Americans write their dates. Typically, dating back centuries, the English way of speaking tended to say the 11th of December, meaning the dates would be written 11/12, however in America, they would typically say December the 11th, which lead to them adopting the 12/11 format. The Americans use this format in everything……..except when it suits. The biggest celebrated day of the year in America is…Fourth Of July….!

Other exceptions to the American’s rule is when they join the Mexicans in celebrating Cinqo de Mayo….5th of May….see? When it suits!

Oooh, don’t forget to watch/record “Show Me The Telly” on Friday. It could be our show…if not it’s on Monday!

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