Page 328/365 : Super Uncle

Up early this morning as we were taking my niece Megan to Sheffield Arena to see Disney On Ice. We picked her up early and she looked super cute in her Princess dress.

We picked up the coach from First Direct and headed over. We bought the obligatory flashing light thing before heading in.


When inside she met Rapunzel and also tucked into some mouse-flavoured popcorn 😉



The show was the “Dare To Dream” show, filled with Disney princesses. There was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella and Rapunzel from Tangled.

I am a 32 year old and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Megan was loving it the whole way through. She particularly liked Maximilian, the horse from Tangled.

When it was all over we came home. I dropped Megan back home and went to the cinema. It was a case of turn up and watch whatever was on next…and it was The Family, the new Luc Besson film starring Robert DeNiro. It was massively shit. It tried so very much in lots of different ways to try to be something better but it just didn’t work at all, which was a shame because it could have been brilliant. It missed the mark by a VERY long way!

Then I went to Elle’s sister’s to pick her up. I had a bit of a bonding session with Seren, Amy & Tom’s little ‘un. She loves her Uncle David. It was the “What Did The Fox Say?” song that did it.

Eventually, I wore her out…hopefully she’ll give her Mum and Dad a good night’s sleep now! Haha.


It’s been a good fun day (apart from the crappy film!)…but it was topped off by this tweet from the Harchester United Twitter page :


Yup, Sky One’s Dream Team has been given a re-run online. I will definitely be reliving this! Can’t wait!!!

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