Page 320/365 : Haworth

Up and about early doors ready for the day ahead. Had a cracking breakfast at Hollins Hall Hotel. There was loads on it. Can’t grumble at all. The plan was to fill up for the day.

We checked out and drove down to Haworth for the day.

Now, I have only ever been to Haworth once and it was to film a short film for a school production of Cabaret we were doing. We needed to film some segments that were going to be shown on big screens…except after we had filmed everything, the school hall burnt down…so we never did the show.

Back then, the only thing I ha seen of Haworth was the train station and a tea room opposite…so that’s what I thought we were going to see today…so imagine my surprise when we ended up in this quaint little place…


We had a walk around all the cute little shops and the Christmas market in the park too. Problem was, we didn’t have any cash on us and the nearest cash machine was miles away, so we didn’t buy anything.

We did stop into a coffee shop for a sandwich for lunch and a drink before heading home…thankfully they took card payments.

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Watched The World’s End tonight, which was spot on.

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