Page 305/365 : Wales-bound…just!

I am writing this on Saturday instead of Friday night for reasons that will soon make themselves apparent….

Finished work a little early, picked Elle up and set off to Wales. We are having a weekend at Lawlor’s caravan with him, Crooksy, Ash n Jess…but the journey…argh!

Someone decided that today would be the day that they would go to the big bridge over the M62 and jump off it. They didn’t jump apparently, but the traffic on and around the motorway was horrendous because of it.

We had 166 miles to go…we managed to do 60 miles in three hours!!!

So first was the M62…then the M60 was snarled up. Then we got onto the M6 that was bad too…but mainly because there was an accident going onto the M56…the road we needed to be on…nightmare. We were stuck on the slip road but eventually swung the car back onto the M6 and took a eight mile detour…then we hit ANOTHER accident and ended up having to be diverted through Caernarfon!!!

We had set off at around ten to 5…we got to the Haven in Hafan Y Mor (a fanny more?) at ten past ten!!! Five hours twenty minutes for 166 miles… Shocking.

So…when we got there…it was catchup time.

The drinks started flowing…and didn’t stop. Crooksy had brought some Skittles Vodka…game over!

We started by playing Shot Yahtzee. It was the same as normal Yahtzee except if you rolled three of a kind in your first roll…shot. If you got Yahtzee…shot. If you won a game…shot. If you lost a game…two shots.

And seeing as though everything was already going downhill…someone (Me) suggested Top Trumps….but not just any old Top Trumps…oh no……STRIP TOP TRUMPS!

And the rest…will remain in our memories only…and on Ash’s phone…there’s some cracking photos!

I was sick…lovely…although luckily I didn’t spray everywhere…made it to the bathroom!

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