Page 281/365 : Danny Elfman’s Music Of The Films of Tim Burton

Venue : First Direct Arena, Leeds

Danny Elfman and Tim Burton go together like Abbott & Costello, The Two Ronnies, PJ & Duncan and Barry & Paul Chuckle. They’re a dynamic pairing who are so well known that you can immediately identify any Tim Burton film by its music alone. That is how unique and ironic the sounds he has created are.

This concert was a showcase of Elfman’s work. Everything was in there (Except Charlie & The Chocolate Factory), from Pee Wee’a Big Adventure, to Batman, through Frankenweenie and Nightmare Before Christmas. Almost everything was instantly recognisable. There were a couple of films in there I haven’t seen, but they were enjoyable to listen to nonetheless.

The highlight of the show for me was Danny Elfman coming out and singing Jack Skellington’s songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas. You could tell how much he loved it by how involved he got in the part. Brilliant.

And then we had the Arena. Wow! My first visit to the arena was not a disappointment. Leeds has been crying out for an arena for years and it’s fantastic that we finally have one. And it’s nothing like I have seen before. It’s not your normal oval arena surrounding an ice-hockey rink, but a stunning auditorium where every single seat is amazing with brilliant views.

And the acoustics…wow! Absolute perfection. It felt like we were slap bang in the middle of the music. We sat in two different places as there were some spare seats closer in the second half and both seats were amazing.

I would highly recommend a trip to the arena to anyone at any time. I will be back in November for the WWE Wrestling. I just wish I could go there more often!!!

Here’s the pics from tonight :









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