Page 253/365 : Ineligible

Dodgers back to winning ways last night. 8-1 vs the Diamondbacks with 6 Home Runs…three of which came off Uribe’s bat!

Got up and tuned into Real Radio. Started phoning and managed to get through. Unfortunately I was told I was Ineligible to play. I said that the £50k Friday rules said nothing, but was pointed to the Real Radio rules which do say that anyone who has won £1,000 or more cannot win any other prizes for 6 months! Gutted!

Even more annoying was the fact that I knew every answer to every question asked! Grrrrrr!

Ah well…hopefully we’ll get a callback for the Gameshow we applied for…!

Big Apple reveal today. That’s a big “Apple” reveal, not a “big apple” reveal….anyway….the iPhone 5C is coming, as is the 5s.

Fingerprint technology for passwords, faster processors, better camera, slightly better battery. Looking good. I won’t be getting one until upgrade time though next April!

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