Page 251/365 : Records & Chilling

Today was always going to be a lazy lazy lazy day.

Chilled out watching re-runs of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” to introduce Lawlor to the madness, and loads of Rude Tube.

Then I found the website and I want to get involved. I would love to break a world record…and this might be my best chance…stay tuned…I will be practicing balancing poles on my head and everything.

In other news, Louis Tomlinson (one of One Direction) played in a charity match today and got a kicking from Gabbie Agbonlahor…and now all the One Direction fans are sending Death Threats to him across Twitter…Jesus! Get a fucking grip you teenage morons! They are the scourge of Twitter along with those idiotic Beliebers!

Here’s the photo of it…but could induce spontaneous bouts of laughter (Or if your a One Direction fan, probably a wet seat as Louis legs are on show…[Even if they’re nearly broken {they’re not really broken }]) Wow!


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