Page 245/365 : The Reflux

Had my referral at the Hospital today for my dodgy chest.

When I finally got seen, the doc wanted me to go have chest X-rays. Did that. Had to have two as they missed the bottom of my chest off the first time (I must have saggy tits).

Then did height/weight etc when she tried to tell me I was only 5’11”. Bitch! She measured me the same 5 times before realising the measuring stick was at an angle. When it was straight I was 6’1″. Better!

Then did a blowie test. My lung age is 20. Not bad eh? Now I just wanna know what they have been doing for 11 years of my life!

Finally saw the Doc and was with him ages. It all looks like its coming back to a crazy form of acid reflux. I have been told to alter the meds I am in slightly and hopefully it’ll work.

Oh yeah…and this is back from next week :


They have changed the rules though so you can only play once in the four weeks. #MyFault

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