Page 234/365 : Dodgers & Celeb Big Brother

Early start for the Dodgers today so they can fly back to LA for the series against the Red Sox.

Kershaw was pitching and performed really well, not giving up much and allowing no runs in the 8 innings he pitched before being replaced by this beast


The Dodgers went and ran in 6 runs too which was awesome.

And now it’s time for Celebrity Big Brother 2013. Early rumors are Charlotte from Geordie Shore, Bill Oddie, Whitney Houston’s daughter and Screech from Saved By The Bell…lets see…

A secret room is waiting for the first three housemates, but lets introduce them first :

Housemate #1 : Louie Schpenche – the high-kicking, flamboyant dancer who seriously loves the limelight. I think he’s going to start off annoying as hell but will calm down when being followed 24/7….hopefully! He’s packed tight pants so his “scrote” doesn’t hang out! Classy. Lets start a Louie Spence drinking game…every time he mentions someone famous he’s met take a drink, every time he does a high kick, take another…you’ll be wankered in no time at all!!!

Housemate #2 : Lauren Harries – he was a little wierdo boy on Wogan….you’d recognize if you’d see…although he’s now a she………might end up clashing with Louie Schpenche…maybe…


Housemate #3 : Sophie Anderton – model. She was the Gossard girl whose nipples you could see. I remember having posters of her on my bedroom wall……she looks like a haggard version of Amanda Byram now. Said she’s wanting to shake off the meltdown image of herself…that’s not the image I have of her 😉 – she did almost get trapped by the door as it closed on her!

Secret mission time – Louie, Lauren & Sophie called to the Diary Room. They are to become founding members of a new Cult. It’s the “Cult Of Celebrity”. They will live secretly apart from the other housemates in the Temple Of Celebrity. They’re basically watching the other housemates and will have the power of nominations later tonight.

Housemates #4 & #5 : YES! Les Battersby and Janice Battersby. Bruce Jones and Vicky Entwhistle. They’re gonna have some good chemistry you can tell. They are going in as individual housemates. They don’t know about the other three. Reunited after Corrie…love it!

Housemate #6 : Courtney Stodden – she married 50 year old Doug Hutchinson (he was Percy in The Green Mile…the fucker who didn’t wet the sponge). She married him when she was 16…which was a bit of a scandal in America, naturally. She might be annoying but she might be quite fun.


Brilliant…Janice Battersby told her she had lipstick inner teeth! BURN!

Housemate #7 : Abs from 5ive – heard a rumor he was going in…and I am not sure about him. I think he might end up being a total cock! He’s either going to go that way, or be really funny.

Housemate #8 : Danielle Marr – She was in “Dublin Wives”….apparently everyone was talking about it………OK! First to go! Pointless!

Housemate #9 : YES!!!!!!!!! Dustin Diamond…….that’s Screech from “Saved By The Bell”. Oh….my! What a legend! Screech to win! He should have a good shout at winning this.

Housemate #10 : Charlotte from Geordie Shore! YES! Brilliant! All they have to do is give her some alcohol! She’s gonna be hilarious! Brilliant!

Housemate #11 : Mario Falcone from The Only Way Is Essex…he says he’s a Bad Boy…..he’ll basically take longer getting himself ready on a morning than half of the girls in the house. Cock! His brother in law is Tom from McFly but that doesn’t bring him up any levels at all…he’s still a cock!

Housemate #12 : Oh fuck! Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin. She is always banging on about having a toy boy. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Fuck off! I am quite irate. All the pissy-knickered- granny brigade will be out in force voting for her. A dole-ite’s favourite. Hope she does something controversial and gets booted! Argh!

And finally…

Housemate #13 : Ron Atkinson – ex football manager. He’s been quite controversial in the past…will be interesting to see how “Big Ron” gets along in there. He’ll probably end up arguing with someone in the house. Could go either way.

Big decision time for all Housemates. They have to decide who is the most famous housemates…they nominated Bruce to be the spokesperson. They had a minute to choose who we’re the most famous…and they decided Bruce & Vicky. They are having a special bedroom…..a huge 4-poster in the garden! Haha. Brilliant!

So who will win? Personally, I am saying Screech from Saved By The Bell or Charlotte from Geordie Shore.

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