Page 231/365 : Summerslam


It was rumble time again. It’s fair to say that the following post contains tonnes of Spoilers…so if you hadn’t realised this was a Blog about WWE Summerslam, then jog on.

Summerslam rocked into Los Angeles and the Staples Centre for another 3 hours of mental-ness in the form of grown men grappling. 

What a PPV it was. It had absolutely everything. Twists and turns a-plenty and lots of brutal action. CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar was insane. Brock is brutal and turned it up a notch, and Punk stepped up to the mark. The two of them put their bodies through it massively and in the end Brock picked up the win.

Kane lost to Bray Wyatt in a Fire-Around-The-Ring-Type match where there was…erm…fire around the ring…but naturally the Wyatt family managed to get in and spoil things.

Christian came close to beating Alberto Del Rio, but the Mexican retained.

And then it was Cena vs Daniel Bryan. WOW! They really went at it. Cena even attempted some new moves, but when that led to him getting a massive welt under his eye, he soon stopped that and reverted to the five moves of doom. Then Cena almost killed Daniel Bryan by accidentally Piledriving his head into the canvas from the top rope! Only Bryan’s beard saved him…a kind of free face cushion. 

But it was Bryan who picked up the win with a massive knee to the face…oh, and did I mention that Triple H was the guest referee? Well he was…and there was no reason for him to be there…was there………….? Oh yeah…as Bryan celebrated with the title, Orton came out with the Money In The Bank briefcase, but wasn’t going to cash it in until the dastardly HHH pedigree’d Bryan and made the win easy for Orton! Cue HHH & Orton posing. 

In the wise words of Motorhead  :

Evolution is a mystery
A small change that no one sees.
Clock makes a fool of history .
Yesterday’s so long ago, don’t agree with what I know .
Tomorrow becomes a place to be.

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