Page 209/365 : Two Christenings & a Beardy Bullshitter?

Up n about this morning.

We had two Christenings to go to…ain’t that always the case that things get double-booked?

Elle went over to her work colleague Helen’s daughter’s Christening over in Wakey and I headed to Morley for Kev & Kim’s little ‘un Millie’s Christening before heading to Cucina for a bit of food before heading over to NewMillerDam to met Elle.

Had a good time at Millie’s and got to catch up with Layton & Ruth and Victoria.

Bit of news came out last night that Ken Bates’ tenure of President of Leeds United coming to an end was apparently all over a charter jet he had re-commissioned for his use from Monaco on a regular basis. He was on TalkSport earlier, banging on about how the club is now being run all wrong and how he shouldn’t have been sacked. I think we’re all fully expecting a huge legal trial now. I think it’s just time Bates took a step back and let it all just go as it has done. He might feel a little aggrieved but he doesn’t need the hassle at his age and just needs to let things lie…unfortunately it’s not likely to happen like that!

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2 Responses to Page 209/365 : Two Christenings & a Beardy Bullshitter?

  1. Thomas Pitts says:

    Have you seen our new puzzle cache in Morley?!

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