Page 207/365 : Ding Dong, Ken Bates Is Gone

News broke this evening that Ken Bates is no longer President of Leeds United.

Click here to read the official story

What is interesting about this story is that the news of him stepping down from a position he had kept himself in after the takeover happened comes just after the whole Red Bull stadium buy news. My initial thought about everything is that it’s highly likely that Bates kept on as President as he had an interest in the club…Elland Road…which was tied up in an off-shore company that was off-shore another company etc, which all ultimately led to most people thinking that Bates still retained ownership of the Stadium.

So if Red Bull have approached Leeds and said “Here’s £30m, get Elland Road bought back from Bates, but make sure Bates fucks off, and Leeds United can own the stadium, but we’ll call it the Red Bull Stadium” then I can see all this culminating in tonight’s announcement.

It’s also telling that David Haigh wants a meeting with the Supporters Trust in the coming week…that’s massive and I hope the plan is that Leeds United are aiming to get the Supporters on side more than ever.

And to Ken Bates. He certainly splits views. In the past, I have supported him to some extent on the basis that when he took us over from the depths of Admin, he didn’t have to honor the 20-year season ticket I had…but he did. And the fact remains that he was the only one forthcoming when no-one else wanted to buy us…but the main fact is that he has ultimately sucked the life out of our club, and today we can start the resuscitation process.

Bought a ticket today for the Chesterfield cup game and tomorrow’s friendly at Elland Road against FC Nurnberg. Can’t wait to welcome football back into my life for the next 9 months!

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