Page 196/365 : Money In The Bank 2013

***Just in case you didn’t realise…this post contains spoilers about WWE’s Money In The Bank PPV***

It’s that time of year yet again. When ladders topple, dreams are crushed and made all at once. It’s time for WWE Money In The Bank.

First up was the Smackdown version of the MITB match. Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Damian Sandow, Fandango, Dean Ambrose, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro were all to compete for the contract…and WOW! What a match. Chants of “This Is Awesome” echoed around the arena and they were not wrong. Huge falls, a bloody Cody Rhodes, some ingenious moments which included a shoulder-carry attempt at grabbing the briefcase, and a result which surprised me when Damien Sandow suckerpunched his partner Cody Rhodes before climbing the ladder to retrieve the briefcase. Personally I wanted Barrett to win, but hey-ho!

Next up The Miz vs Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental title. It was telling when the biggest chants of the night were directed at Paul Heyman in the city where he formed and promoted ECW. Axel retained the title after a fairly uninspirational match. 

Divas title next. AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn. There had been a lot of buildup to this on Raw. AJ won with a submission…bit of a new one really for a Divas match. It wasn’t bad…I fast forwarded a lot of it.

Now it was time for Chris Jericho vs Ryback. This hadn’t had the amount of exposure I think it should’ve had on the weekly shows…fast forwarded to the end of the match. Ryback won with a rollup…hmmmm….no less of a fuck i could give!

World Heavyweight Title time. Dolph Ziggler was the contender for the title currently held by Albertoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ddddddeelllllllllll Riooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo – but of course we didn’t hear that tonight…as Ricardo Rodriguez is currently serving a wellness policy ban….Oops! I enjoy watching Dolph Ziggler, and no-one was happier than me when he won the title on the back of his Money In The Bank win last year, cashing it in this year. But having lost the title since, he was battling for it back again. My “FameAsser” character that I had online when I used to play online E-Feds was VERY similar to Ziggler. He wore pink, he was a complete showoff and he came from Hollywood (LA though, not Florida like Ziggler). That’s why I think I will always have a soft spot for Ziggler.

The match started strong for Ziggler, with the fans well behind him. Del Rio turned it around though and controlled much of the match. Ziggler did keep coming back though, much to the delight of the fans.

AJ came out halfway through to show off her Diva’s title…and eventually jumped into the ring and clocked Del Rio with her belt……ooooooh the bitch!

John Cena vs Mark Henry next…and with the final Money In The Bank match still to come, it was clearly obvious that this was going to go Cena’s way and keep the title on him so the person who wins the MITB match can face him down the line…and this was always going to be a very poor match. The background to this was that Mark Henry had been in the ring a few weeks ago retiring…hell, I was crying…I fell for it before Henry turned it around and nailed Cena.

As expected, it was all about Mark Henry dominating John Cena. He dropped him on the steel steps, he jumped on him, he squashed him on the middle rope, he threw him around the ring by his legs, he flattened him, he made it look like Cena ran into a brick wall, he threw him into the barricade by his legs, Cena picked him up, but couldn’t hold him up and got squashed…oh and then Cena started to come back and started the first few moves of the five moves of doom! He went for the Attitude Adjustment but got squashed again…but then Cena him in the AA…and hit it………….but Mark Henry kicked out…oh so it’ll be submission time then…?

Henry hit his World’s Strongest Slam…but “amazingly” Cena kicked out of it…Henry removed the top turnbuckle pad…Cena used it…Cena locked in the Submission…but Henry got to the ropes….wow…I had expected this to have ended by now…and down goes the referee…Mark Henry kicks Cena in the balls…but Cena still doesn’t lose…Henry goes for the slam again, but Cena counters….into the Submission……Mark Henry taps out!


And finally…the final Money In The Bank ladder match. First out….ROB……VAN…….DAMME! He’s back people. Good old sweaty arse crack Rob Van Damme! The fans loved him. The rest of the people in the match were Christian, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Sheamus and CM Punk. All former champions. 

RVD was the initial target. Which was always going to happen for shits n giggles.

The match started out very much as a brawl before settling down. Van Damme did all the favourites. Rolling Thunder was in there, as was the roundhouse heel kick, and then was about to go for a Five Star Frog Splash but got thrown off the top onto a pile of ladders…ouch!

Christian got the tiny ladder out, which is always good for a laugh. 

Sheamus almost broke his leg when RVD knocked a ladder out from underneath him and he landed on it, but he managed to get up alright from it. 

Sheamus put a ladder across from the apron to the Spanish announcers table….and it got left there….hehe…we’ll see that later no doubt!

Two ladders were set up in the ring and all six of them climbed up on them…before they all came crashing down at once in a nice moment. 

Punk then did a unique move that involved him basically doing a seated senton on Sheamus with a ladder between them…he even bowed to the fans after…that’s certainly a new one!

RVD hit a 5 Star Frog Splash from the top of a ladder. Yes!

Daniel Bryan cleared house, sending Sheamus straight through the ladder he set up earlier…remember that?

Bryan went to get the briefcase….but Curtis Axel came out and attacked him! Don’t know why that happened….nice start to the storyline between them though…although CM Punk took him out with the GTS!

Paul Heyman came out to go mental with Axel…there’s something going to develop there too…what if RVD is a Heyman Guy….?

Paul Heyman then took CM Punk out with a ladder! Shitballs! Punk was busted open”

RVD climbed the ladder…but Orton knocked him off and caught RVD with an RKO on the way down! Mental!

Orton climbed to the top…and won the briefcase…interesting decision

So…in summary…the two Money In The Bank matches were absolutely amazing…but the winners questionable in my opinion. 

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