Big Brother Launch Part 2

So the new housemates went into the house last night :

Housemate #10 : Gina, the most spoiled person in the world who calls herself a Lady of Leisure. She’s a bitch and not afraid to show it. She lives a life of luxury an is sure to be hated by the public. Needs to be funny or could be out pretty quick! Sugar Daddy Dexter was giving her some evils!

Housemate #11 : Dan, a police officer from London. He’s gay and has a son. Actually think he might be quite boring. He told a reaaaaaaally long and dull story in his VT which just made him sound “Zzzzzzzz”.

Housemate #12 : Hazel, a model with a tonne of makeup and fake tan. Says she’s just out of a relationship, she’ll be latching onto someone then. Said she wouldn’t be against shagging in the house…doesn’t really surprise me! Emma flirted with her massively. Says she wants someone like 50 Cent

Housemate #13 : Daley, a boxer from London. A child of Fostering. Seems like a decent bloke actually. Could’ve been a macho wanker but didn’t come across like that. Jemima’s face lit up hen he came in…that’s Sam getting dumped then.

Housemates #14 & #15 : Mother & Daughter pairing Jackie & Charlie. This is a first for Big Brother. They say they’re volatile so expect some arguments in there. Charlie was a rebel and has been rock bottom. Could be a quite interesting dynamic but they could also be annoying. They are being treated separately though. I hope they nominate each other at some point.

And time for the second People’s Puppet moment. A pizza and a pint offered to shred the new six suitcases. He turned it down. The housemates were watching. Then the news was broken that only Michael would be nominating this week. Three people he wants kicked out. Haha.

Although think about this…Big Brother plants Michael. Big Brother then gives Michael the power to nominate the first three people…erm…surely this kinda goes against some kind of rules whereby Big Brother could actually just pick three people they don’t want in there to be up first…?

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