Page 161/365 : Game Of Thrones Finale…really?

*Contains spoilers*

It was time for the Game Of Thrones (or GoT for the geeks) Season 3 finale tonight and following last week’s Stark-slaughter, it seemed only fair to expect massive things from the finale…

…oh dear!

Everything just felt a little flat. This episode could have easily been an opener for Season 4 and not a big ending like we wanted. The only real story movements were the blacksmith being released by that Geordie guy, which almost led to him being killed, and Blonde Dragon Lady being hailed as “Mother” by all the freed people in a tiny little segment added onto the end of the episode.

Having not read the books, this could be the most pivotal part of the entire story but it all just felt a bit “meh”. Season one ended with the Dragons being born, 2 finished with our first glimpse of a White Walker…and this? Well, it wasn’t a big finish and I was quite disappointed

Also today, someone beat me on the Real Radio competition so the £50k dream is over! Boo!

Lost half a pound at Slimming World. Would’ve been more if I hadn’t had a pizza and BBQ at the weekend…

Leeds United signed Matt Smith today. He’ll come in handy if he brings his sonic screwdriver with him…

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