Page 152/365 : The Next Doctor Who?

So the news has Broken. Matt Smith is stepping down as Doctor Who.

Read the Radio Times story here

Smith, the Eleventh Doctor (or the 12th is the John Hurt one slips into the listings somewhere in the 50th anniversary special), is hanging up the jacket and Bowtie and handing over the keys to the famous blue box to someone else.

Speculation is bound to be rife in the next few weeks/months. Who will the next doctor be? Will it be a woman? Will he be young or old? Will we see the first Black Doctor Who?

Its safe to say that the new Doctor Who…to replace Matt Smith in 2014 has to be fun, daring, frantic, appealable to all, and more importantly than anything else, Awesome….therefore I am throwing MY name into the hat and saying that I, David Woollin will be the next Doctor Who.

Think about it…a Fat Doctor Who, roaming the universe and time in search of the perfect Kebab and pint combination. Taking trips back to Wrestlemania 1 to see where it all began. Visiting heroes such as Chesney Hawkes and Wolf from Gladiators. Using my Sonic Screwdriver to make that £10,000 counter fall off the shelf of Tipping Point…

It’s all there, the makings of the future. Geniusnessness at the fingertips of Steven Moffatt who just needs to make the call. I would like to think I would be a housewives favourite and geek-fan-friendly all at the same time.

Make it happen.

Make Fat Doctor Who happen.

Make it ME!

In fact, here’s me doing various “Poses” to really get the feel or the character.

Here’s “Puzzled” :


And now “Shocked” :


And the ever-faithful “now where the bloody hell did I leave that Tardis?” :


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