Page 147/365 : Ants in your….tent!

Woke up earlyish at Lawlor’s. Downloaded The Sun first thing…I do like reading the newspaper first thing on a morning on the iPad!

Chilled out for a bit before nipping out to Maccy D’s for breakfast, although it was 11 so we had to have normal stuff.

Left Lawlor’s about quarter to 1 and went straight to the Clough House in Rastrick for tea, meeting up with Amy & Tom. Had a lovely meal. Been there a couple of times and absolutely loved it. It was yummy. I had the Mushroom Soup to start with, Steak for main and a cheese board for pudding. Loved it.

Went back home and had fun when we went in the house and realised that we must’ve brought a load of Ants back with us with the Tent. We’d dumped the tent at the house on Sunday morning before heading to Lawlor’s, but there were loads of the little buggers everywhere.

Derek back home with us now too. He was being a little shit to start with but then calmed down. Bless him.

Watched another 4 episodes of Game Of Thrones, taking us to the end of Episode 5 of Season 3…just a few more to go now to be completely up to date…can’t wait!

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