Page 104/365 : Revolution no more

Watched Friday’s episode of Revolution but it is still not grabbing Elle and I. It’s a shame really as I thought it definitely had potential but there just seems like there’s some “Oomph” missing from it that makes me think its going to get any better, and if you’re 4 episodes in and still not actually interested in any of the characters or their stories.

Series link, removed!

Made Elle watch “Labyrinth” for the first time today after ages telling her how awesome it was, a childhood favourite of mine…but she was having none of it. I thought she would have liked it, but hey-hum!

Bought the final present for Elle for the wedding day…obviously I can’t say what it is but she’ll find out on Saturday!

Writing this as I am laid in bed watching the Dodgers @ Diamondbacks game. It’s bottom of the 5th with no score….something needs to be stepped up soon!

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