Page 102/365 : Brawls, Hoods & Zombies

Getting giddy now. This time next week will be the last day as an unmarried man before our wedding on Saturday. Looking forward to it so much.

Been getting a bit giddy at work but there’s still a week to go! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

Watched Red Riding Hood for the first time, which was quite good and actually not all that predictable, which I thought it might be.

Elle fell asleep whilst we watched Royle Family so I stuck Dead Island on and got a good couple of hours play on that and progressed somewhat.

Last night in the baseball, The Dodgera won but not before a huge brawl broke out when Greinke pitched a ball straight at the Padres battery’s head. Carlos Quentin took offence and charged at Greinke who ended up with a broken collarbone. An all out battle ensued with both bullpens involved. It was quite funny, but the Dodgers losing a star pitcher is not.

Leeds United names Brian McDermott as manager today. Time will tell with that one and we’ll see if anything comes from it. We just need to win to avoid the misery of being too close to the Relegation Zone!!!

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