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Still feeling poorly as hell today so decided against standing out in the chill for the Leeds game. Jimbo went to the game without me. Luckily (or not) the Leeds game was on TV. The first half was shocking. The second half was much better to start with, and McCormack scored a cracking goal, but in true Leeds United style, we threw it away, giving away a stupid penalty and then conceding another late on.

Later in the day it was announced that Leeds ha parted company with Warnock. It was always going to happen. He came to Leeds wanting a last season of Glory but it wasn’t to be…we just need to keep our eyes on the relegation problems that could loom now…

Went to fat class…put 3.5lb on! Meh!

Settled down to watch the Dodgers game on ESPN America tonight. It was their opening game of the season. Now, I’ve never been massively into Baseball but have watched it plenty in the past so understand all the rules but when Elle bought tickets for us to go see the Dodgers when over there on Honeymoon, I decided I need to take more of an interest.

The game was a cracker. It was very much a pitchers game. When it got to the bottom of the 8th I posted this on Twitter :


I would like to think I contributed to what happened next…as Kershaw, who was pitching a brilliant game for the Dodgers, stepped up and smashed one out of the park to get the Dodgers on the scoreboard. They ended up getting 4 in the bottom of the 8th and Kershaw kept his shutout intact to take the game home for a 4-0 opening day win over the SF Giants, winners of the World Series last year.

I think I am going to enjoy this season! The next televised game for us UK fans is Wednesday night at 3am in the morning…will be recording that one then!

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