Page 70/365 : You Fat B*stard! You Fat B*stard

Back to work after the weekend…the third weekend in a row of eating and drinking whatever I wanted and not caring about it, which was starting to take its toll on my waistline.

I knew I had been bad and I knew the scales were going to rip me for it tonight at Fat Class…and they did!

Managed to pile on 12.5lb in three weeks. Gotta have a massive push now to shift that plus some more in TW next 5 weeks before the wedding, because let’s face it, after the wedding on Honeymoon there’s going to be some serious weight put back on so I need to lose it now to stop it going on top!

Watched another couple of episodes of The Following. We’ll soon be up to date!

Did have an interesting shopping trip to Morrisons tonight and saw this cracking deal :


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