Film Review – #1210 : Warm Bodies

I love films which successfully play around with the genre they are in.

Shaun Of The Dead works brilliantly and Britishly, Zombieland went for a lot of fun and humour whilst keeping the craziness intact, and now there’s Warm Bodies, a film I would describe to anyone as Zombieland with heart.

R is a Zombie. He doesn’t know why he is or who he is, but he wanders aimlessly without a care in the world. Until he meets Julie, a non-infected girl whom he falls for after eating her boyfriends brains (as you do)

After saving Julie’s life, R takes it upon himself to protect Julie and their relationship blossoms.

Can they cure the Zombie in the population before it gets out of hand or will the brain eaters take over?

The film breaks down a wall between people by telling the story from the Zombie’s point of view. Especially as he tried to woo his girl but is restricted by his Flesh eating ways.

It’s a Romeo & Juliet type story which is very impressive and definitely one I would recommend and would definitely watch again myself


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