Page 61/365 : Wins, Weddings and Whiskey!

Woke up at my Mum and Dads this morning and headed back home to get ready for the day. Ironed a shirt that wanted sorting for later on. It wasn’t very dressy but would do for the night do later…

But first it was the Leeds match and we were playing Millwall who brought a massive 151 fans from the big smoke for the game. We started off well as had a few chances after being forced to play to towards the Kop in the frat half. We had a penalty but McCormack’s attempt was saved by the keeper. He hit the post a few minutes later too.

And then half time came…

It was time for the half time game…so a backstory, the rules are simple, from the penalty spot, put the ball in the back of the net without it touching the ground. The first time earlier this season…over the bar, the second time was better…hit the crossbar. So I had to do better on this THIRD time.

Yes, I got picked out…again!

I stepped up…and scuffed it straight along the ground…but all was not lost…Ben Fry was clearly feeling sorry for me and let me have another go…this time I hit it sweet and it went in!!!! Woohoo! £50 bet won…but the rush was too much and I had to attempt the next stage….from the edge of the penalty area. Again I hit it sweet but it just dipped over the crossbar! Gutted!

Leeds came out in the second half playing well but it took another penalty for the game to be sealed up. This time, Warnock took it and got the only goal of the game.

Then it was time to head over to Wales.

I hopped in the car and heard down the M62. Thankfully there wasn’t the traffic that was plaguing everyone last night and I got to Wales fairly early. So early that Ash and Jess let me in early and let me see the speeches which was good…even if I did feel a big scruffy in my not-really-dressed-up-for-a-day-do shirt.

The day was fantastic. Dead pleased for Jess n Ash…and in 7 weeks it’ll be time for me and Elle to do it all ourselves. Can’t wait!!!

Had quite a few drinks, Jaeger Train was rolling, me and Lawlor joined in the first dance, fish n chips were served up and a good night was had by all. Then we headed back to Lawlor’s to finish up the night with Lawlor’s Honey Jack Daniels! Good times.

I crashed on the living room floor for the night alongside Bane Click here to see the video of Euan “Bane” Crooks

Cracking day and congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Edwards x

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