Page 45/364 : Happy Hallmark Day

Here we are again. Valentines Day 2013. Not to be confused with the slightly more fun March 14th, which everyone knows as Steak & Blowjob day…and if you didn’t know that, you do now and I expect you all to indulge…!

Did presents and Elle got me tickets to go see the LA Dodgers when we’re over there on Honeymoon. That should be really good fun. The atmosphere is meant to be great! Would love to catch a ball!!!

I also got a Superman toiletries bag, some Superman undies and some Root Beer sweets. It all kinda put my presents to Elle a bit to shame, with the microwaveable slippers and heart Keyring amongst other things.

In WWE news, John Cena has been shagging a porn star! Fair play.

Watched the trailer for the new Monsters Inc film “Monsters University” and it looks great. Also read a few reviews of the new Die Hard film that’s out today and apparently it’s a bag of shite…but I’ll still go see to witness it myself.

Got back into playing Final Fantasy 7 again tonight after hooking up the Xbox controller to the computer. Nicely does it! Good old Sephiroth is back to terrorise me! The big-sworded wazzock!

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