Page 43/365 : Smash Pancake Day…!

Signing up to a diet, like Slimming World, you expect to take some random choices about things you eat. Like having an apple instead of a Mars Bar as a snack, or munching on grapes at your desk at work instead of a pack of crisps.

You even end up having odd concoctions just as Sausage & Baked Bean Bake, and Baked Bean Lasagne…and even Diet Coke Chicken (which is amazing by the way), all in the name of losing weight…

…so when Pancake day rolls around, and you’re in the office at work and people are pouring pancake batter into a machine and munching away on their snacks with strawberries and chocolate and cream, it can be a little disheartening.

But that’s where my wonderful fiancee comes into her own.

This morning, just before we left the house for work, I mentioned to Elle about what we were doing for Pancake Day. Last year we’d done a crazy overnight soaking of oats in Mullerlight and mixed it with eggs to make quite thin but tasty pancakes.

But this year…everything was to change.

This was the year…of SMASH!

For those of you who don’t know, Smash is the instant Mash Potato mix you can buy in powder-form in any supermarket. It used to be advertised by those crazy robots. But in the last year, Smash has taken over my life. First it was Cheese Smash being used to make cheese scones, then we branched out into making Onion Bhaji’s with smash…but pancakes? Surely not…!

The ingredients were ready…

Just half a cup of Smash, 5 tablespoons sweetener, 3 eggs, half a pot of Vanilla Mullerlight and a few drops of Vanilla essence are all that is needed.

Mixing everything up, I still wasn’t sure whether or not Elle was losing the plot entirely, but I was ready to give her the benefit of the doubt.

She poured the mixture into the pan and the cooking started. After a couple of flips, they were looking good.

All that they needed now were taking out of the pan and having some chocolate (in my Syns for the day) sandwiched between them.

But the proof was still in the tasting. Surely dried mash potato mixed with eggs couldn’t possibly be nice…

BUT they were AMAZING! As nice, if not nicer than any pancakes I have ever eaten in my life…I had to have a double helping of them.

Wow…who would have thunk it…SMASH pancakes were an absolute winner.

Don’t believe me? Try them for yourself…seriously you won’t be disappointed!!!

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