Page 33/365 : Another loss, another chance…and annoying kids!

Went up to Morley Leisure Center this morning for a swim whilst Elle went to the Zumba class that was on there. Oh the joys of swimming during a “General Swimming” session. I was jumped on my kids twice, then had another couple of kids literally thrown at me by their Dads. Then as I was swimming lengths, two girls (I say girls but they were easily in their twenties) had decided that even though some of us were swimming lengths, it would be better for them two to swim widths…and they managed to time it perfectly so that every time I was up in the Deep end, I was having to stop to let them past.

I managed 20 lengths in fifteen minutes and had definitely had enough by then so got out and waited…I think I will stick to the Adult only sessions from now on.

Went to the Leeds game this afternoon. Was doing a bit of running around so said I would meet James down at the ground. The first half was fairly evenly matched and it was 0-0 at halftime…and then it happened again…I got picked out to go onto the pitch and play the halftime game…that’s twice in one season now. So down I went…ready to avenge my disastrous miss of last time when I skied it straight over the bar. 

The ball was on the spot…I ran up, conscious that I was wearing shoes and not trainers…and I hit the ball sweetly…but instead of the ball hitting the back of the net (the rules are that its got to go in without touching the floor) the ball smashed the crossbar and came back out…much to my shame and plenty of hilarity from those around me.

The second half started off OK and we had a few chances until Sam Byram uncharacteristically scuffed a clearance straight to one of the Cardiff players who hit a shot which was then followed up by Campbell, who had only been on the pitch a few minutes, and he scored the only goal of the game.

The performance by the Leeds team wasn’t actually that bad today and I have seen us play a lot worse and win. I think a draw would have been a very fair result but it wasnt to be, and that’s the kind of luck you get when you are top of the league, like Cardiff are. We still haven’t beaten them since 1984 which is an insane statistic to continue.

Went to Morley to pick Elle up after the football and also pick up Megan. We’re looking after her tomorrow and taking her to a party. She just watched Toy Story on TV before it was time for bed.

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