Page 31/364 : Deadline Day

Well, for once, Transfer deadline day comes around ad we actually have something to report as a Leeds fan. Usually it’s just a case of sitting and watching Harry Redknapp doing interviews through his car window and refreshing the Live transfer news screen every four seconds to see : [insert player name] has been spotted by a friend/friend’s mum/friend’s dog, entering [insert stadium name] for talks. Literally none of these stories ever come to fruition!

So Becchio moves on to our Premier League parent club Norwich who now have more Leeds United players in their team that Leeds United have! As part of the deal, Steve Morison makes his way to Elland Road. He should be a decent replacement…he just can’t play on Saturday as he’s injured…! I would like to think we could start up a chant that included the words “More Reasons To Score With Morison” but I don’t think it’ll catch on…

The next player in was another Steve…this time Stephen Warnock, who is absolutely no relation to his Dad Neil Warnock…imagine it he was, it would be like when I used to get into the Cross Keys Sunday League team just because my dad was the manager! I did score a cracking goal one time though….

And finally…in comes Steve Habibou….haha, I joke of course. In comes loaner Mouhamadou Habib Habibou. What a cracking name that is! WACCOE will have a field day coming up with chants for him!

Oh…and Paul Rachubka stays out on loan until the end of the season…why is he even still at the club?

To sum up, I am disappointed at losing Becchio, but if the newbies can make an impact, in a couple of weeks it’ll be a fickle case of “Becchio who?”

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