Page 23/365 : Catchup & payouts

Had a huge TV catchup this evening, ploughing through all the episodes of Celebrity Big Brother we had sat on the planner.

Elle paid a tonne of stuff off on the wedding today, paying the final bills on plenty of things me depleting the wedding budget to almost nothing again! At least it’s more stuff paid off now anyway.

Last of the Stag Do monies were paid off today so just waiting now for all the details of everything to come through. Looking forward to allocating rooms for everyone and in 4 weeks it’ll all be happening. I am going to go on record now as saying that its likely my Blog may just run a little late over those days…!

Three t-shirts arrived today, the ones I had had to pay the import charge for. The Tuxedo one looks ace, the Zombie one is funny, and the Mario one is great. Gotta save the Tuxedo one hnt the Elvis wedding in Vegas on 27th April.

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1 Response to Page 23/365 : Catchup & payouts

  1. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    Well today was an epic wedding planning day – my button bouquet, button holes, flower girl wand and bridesmaid coursages were finished and the whole collection looks amazing!!! I’m sooooo happy with them!

    One step closer to being Mrs Eleanor Woollin after filling in my new passport last night – I plan on getting this sent off on Saturday.

    Paid lots of wedding bill today so it’s safe to say our bank a/c has seen better days lol!

    Lots to look forward and feel like its all coming together 🙂

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