Page 21/365 : Snow Day!

Well the blog is going well. 21 days in and I am still writing this crap. Will have to start looking at the stats to see if anyone is actually reading it or whether its all just for my own pleasure.

If you’re reading, please feel free to comment as its nice to have some feedback. Especially Crooksy who practically begged me to update this tonight….!

The snow really hit overnight. Well, it did in some places. Beeston wasn’t that bad at the start of the day. Dropped Elle off at work then made it up to Birstall fine…only to find they had been hit with about a foot of the white stuff! The roads were insane up there.

Parked outside the office on the main road as the car park was insane. When I got in there was only two others in the office. No-one turned up in my department because they couldn’t get in. Trevor phoned me and told me to get myself off home but I stayed to send an invoicing run and left at 11.

Went to Louise’s to pick up her Kindle that she’s lending me as well as using her UV light to test which of the two pairs of glasses I have were the Transitions ones.

Got a few hours on LA Noire in on the Xbox, making it into Disk 2.

Slimming World tonight went well. Lost another 5lb this week. Really pleased with that and it just goes to show that all the weight I put on in the run up to Christmas is now coming off the right way now.

12 weeks worth of weigh ins until the wedding now and hoping for around another two stone. Would be nice…only the Stag Do in the middle to throw it off methinks.

Messing around at Weigh In tonight and I did this that I sent to Daniel Bryan on Twitter…WWE fans will understand…



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4 Responses to Page 21/365 : Snow Day!

  1. Amy Davies says:

    Well done on the weight loss Dave!
    The few hours on the Xbox will also explain your telling off from el because of the lack of housework you bad egg!! 🙂

  2. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    Plenty of Xbox time and no housework lazy bum! Husband to be training not going well 😦

    Plenty of snow – no fun when you’ve gotta go to work 😦

    Exciting day wedding wise as got some pics through of our buttonholes 🙂 eeeeekkk

    2lb loss at fat fighters 🙂

  3. louise says:

    you have forgotten the bit where you made a snow angel in my garden thats got about 500 foot of snow lol

  4. Helen says:

    I’d love some snow. Congrats in the weight loss- good work!

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