Page 19/365 : Better late than…erm…too late!

Oops, almost forgot about updating…so it may be page 20, but I am updating page 19! Haha

Had a card through the post this morning telling me my T-Shirts from had arrived…unfortunately I have been slapped with a £13 import fee. Ouch. Decided to go pick it up (and pay for it) on the way to the football. Got to the Post Office at about ten-to 2 and it was shut…the bloody thing wasn’t meant to be shut until 2! Rather annoying.

Jimbo text me this morning saying he couldn’t be bothered with the Leeds game today as it was too cold. I asked Nath if he fancied coming and he was up for it. Picked him up and decided to park in the car park next to the ground because I couldn’t be arsed walking.

After having fun trying to get Nath through the turnstile (he was pushing the season ticket card into the slot instead of swiping it) we were in. I had a cheeky couple of quid on McCormack & 2-0 at 25/1. Had a laugh with the lads who were sat around us, giving me some stick about Tipping Point.

The match, to put it nicely, was shite. Bristol were easily the worst team who had been to Elland Road this season and it showed, but likewise, we seemed unable to string more than three passes together. There was only the new boy Barkley who seemed to shine.

Luckily we managed to score from a cross onto McCormack’s head and took the game 1-0 but if we play like that against Spurs next week we’ll be annihilated!

Didn’t get chance to go swimming today as we spent most of the morning watching Prison Break. Watched loads more later on and finished Season 1 and started on Season 2.

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