Resident Evil : Retribution


Alice is back!

Retribution kicks in right where Afterlife finished, with Alice and her gang being attacked aboard the liner out at sea by Umbrella gunships. The opening sequence of Retribution is nothing short of stunning…especially in 3D…but then again, 3D is the ONLY way to watch the Resident Evil films now after director Paul W S Anderson took the stance to dedicate every single shot of the movie to be made in true 3D.

Following Alice’s capture and detention at an underwater Umbrella facility, we follow her kicking some serious Zombie butt whilst wearing tight leather again…what more could a guy want?

The story is silly and fun in equal measures. It’s a complete distraction from life for 90 minutes. Just leave your brains at the door (presumably s the zombies can have them) as you’ll not need the smartest head on you to watch this.

It’s big, it’s explosive, it’s mad…everything the fans have come to love about the Resident Evil films.

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