The Pact


Supernatural Horrors have always been a mainstay of the American movie industry, going back to the likes of Exorcist and through to modern day spooks with Stigmata and Paranormal Activity.

Trailers for recent horrors have also promised much but not necessarily delivered…and so to The Pact. A trailer shows what looks to be plenty of possession and spooky goings on and it had all the obligatory claims of being genuinely scary from random newspaper articles.

Following the death of her mother, Annie’s sister visits her childhood home and come a cropper when she investigates odd noises in the house…in the dark whilst Skype-ing her daughter. She disappears. Along comes Annie now…looking for her sister…in the dark. Then a cupboard opens…and it’s dark…so she investigates it…in the dark.

Granted, the lights flicker out, and there’s a few bumps in the dark…and then the ghostly picking up of Annie and throwing her around begins. Next, up pops Casper Van Dien as a sceptical cop who looks like he was picked straight out of a Silent Hill game and dropped into this film. He offers almost nothing apart from a torch (which flickers out) to the story, much like the rest of the cast.

There’s something very lacking throughout the whole film. There’s a little bit of tension which is brought about by slow zooms into dark spots, but that is about all I am afraid. There’s no pay-off near the end, and the whole unfolding of the story following a Ouija Board scene just all seems to change direction massively from where it had been going.

A nice attempt, but not a film I would ever rush into seeing again.

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