So it’s that time of year…and with the Championship being over, the end of the football season has arrived…(I don’t give a shit about the Premiership), and it’s time for the Leeds United Sale. We’ve got last year’s shirts at £10 a pop and half the team available to buy for not much more! Here’s my views on who should be in the 2012/13 squad and who should be given a swift boot down the road to Sheffield/Norwich etc…


Andy Lonergan – Not actually that bad, but I can’t help thinking Warnock has his replacement lined up already and would definitely prefer to see Paddy Kenny in goal. Sorry Lonners…but I think it’s your time.

Alex Cairns – Future prospect and should be kept on as the backup and reserve team keeper. Can’t see him going anywhere soon.


Paul Connolly – Little bit torn with Connolly. Sometimes puts in a good solid performance but tends to be out of position and floating around a lot. Potentially sold or released.

Patrick Kisnorbo – Sorry Paddy, but you’re not the same headband-wearing nutter we all used to know and love. Lost too much pace and skill following injury and I just don’t think he’s destined to be in Leeds much longer. A shame as he was on his way to becoming a hero at Elland Road.

Alex Bruce – Heard mixed reports about him going and staying. Personally believe he’s one of the better defenders we have in the ranks and genuinely enjoys playing. Would prefer him to stay on but got a feeling he will be sold on…probably to someone mid-table Championship.

Andy O’Brien – Would like him to stay from an experience point of view. Not sure what Warnock inks of him because he’s not been in the mix. Think he will stay.

Tom Lees – The Future! Must keep Lees and develop him into a better player. The signs are there. Definitely one to keep and build around.

Leigh Bromby – Your time is up…off you go!

Aidan White – Hit and miss all season. Could be kept on as backup to any new signings though.

Charlie Taylor – Another future prospect. Time will tell, so needs to be kept on and given the chance.

Paul Robinson – Age is against him but is the type of player Warnock loves. Would like to see him signed as long as he can keep fit.


Michael Brown – Warnock’s adopted son…could be kept on but not used in a major capacity next season.

Lloyd Sam – A trier…of patience…off you go Lloyd!

Adam Clayton – On his day, arguably the best midfielder we have…keep keep keep!

Danny Pugh – Too many failings for me. Pugh is Poo!

Ramon Nunez – Shite and possibly the most overrated player ever. Would not be sad to see him leave..but he’ll probably go somewhere else and become their best player!

Zac Thompson – Another future boy…keep on…even though you win nothing with kids…!


Robbie Rogers – Still not seen enough to warrant a viewpoint either way. His own hype makes him sound like Messi…but I fear he might just be messy!

Billy Paynter – Erm…part of me wants him to stay. When he puts himself about he can be very useful. Wouldn’t be sad to see him leave, but likewise wouldn’t mind to see him stay and see what he can do…!

Luciano Becchio – Not had the best season, but works well beside someone like Beckford for him t flick onto. McCormack doesn’t play off him well enough. Could be better alongside Paynter…

Mikael Forssell – Wouldn’t be bothered if he went…contributes Very little!

Robert Snodgrass – Keep, under any circumstances. Sign your contract lad!

Danny Webber – Garbage! Off ya go son!

Davide Somma – Need to get back into the team and find his scoring boots. Can see him going out on loans gain.

Ross McCormack – Our top scorer. Keep but don’t guarantee him a place. Seems to play better under pressure.

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