Club 10…and counting

16 weeks…2st 8lb…Club 10!

Yup, that’s how long it has taken to achieve the first major goal on my weight loss mission. There’s even been a couple of weeks in there where I maintained and even a slight gain in a couple of situations, but all in all, the Slimming World weight loss plan is working a treat.

Am I bored yet? Not a chance. We’ve been mixing it up at mealtimes, sometimes having Quiche for lunch, sometimes Jacket and beans, and sometimes tuna and sweetcorn pasta. Lunchtimes are never boring. Then on an evening it’s steak and slimming world chips, chilli, pizza topped chicken, pek n peas and much much more. Chuck in full fry ups for breakfast and some might ask “How the hell have you lost 36lb?”

It’s been an enjoyable 16 weeks and with a long road ahead, it’s a fantastic kickstart to grander things.

And here, for your viewing pleasure are my photographic updates :

Before :



After Club 10 :



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1 Response to Club 10…and counting

  1. Dugutigui says:

    Keep going, you really look better now …

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