Climbing back on the wagon!

A wagon is a precarious thing…it can wobble and it can topple and often you can be thrown from the seat and plummet down, down, deeper and down and hit rock bottom and carry on going deeper…and that’s where I am currently at. Two years ago, almost to the day, I joined Slimming World weighing 23st 11lb after having enough of being a fat bastard. In nine months I managed to lose 4 stone and meet the love of my life and then the wagon hit the bump in the road and it overturned. Off the wagon I was, and on the weight was piling. I ended up back up above what I had been when I started at 23st 12lb. Annoyed, I joined Weight Watchers…but didn’t enjoy it.

Weight Watchers just seemed to give you too much freedom and guidelines on too much to eat per day. I was finding myself eating shite just to keep up to it. It never felt right. Tie that in to a crap group with zero inspiration and I needed to do something. So even though I had only clambered back onto the wagon for a short time, I fell again and this was where I fell deeper and lower than ever.

Tonight, we went back to Slimming World, a more local group and back into the swing of things. Signing up, I realised that I had missed Slimming World and the delights of the Extra Easy plan. Today is hopefully the start of good things. I got on the scales and topped them at a massive 24st 9lb…the heaviest I have ever been.

I have set my ultimate goal…16st…the reason? I wanna do a Sky Dive! And to do a tandem sky dive in the UK you have to weigh under 16st so that’s it…oh and there’s the small matter of a wedding in April 20th 2013 🙂

Here are my Before photos…for those faint of heart…I am topless… :



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