Cineworld Challenge Film #2 – Paul, Cert 15
@Cineworld Wakefield, 12/03/11 8:30pm
Trailers : Fast Five, Your Highness, Scream 4, Limitless

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are fast becoming a national treasure. Following the success of TV series “Spaced” between 1999 and 2001, and the huge following of “Shaun Of The Dead” which was quickly followed up by police flick “Hot Fuzz”, the real-life buddies working on film in a buddy movie just seems to work effortlessly. They genuinely look like they’re having fun.

So step forward to 2011 and “Paul” a buddy movie, road trip flick and close-encounter film all rolled into one. Mix in there a little bit of romance, a healthy dose of comedy and a weed-smoking foul-mouthed alien voiced by weed-smoking, foul-mouthed Seth Rogen and the sum of it all is very exciting.

Pegg and Frost play Graeme & Clive. Two comic book geeks on a US tour of alien hotspots such as Area 51 and Roswell. After doing the typically English thing of pissing off some American hillbillies, they stumble across Paul, an alien who has been living on Earth for over 60 years. He quickly befriends the duo and sets them off on a mission of a lifetime to help him return home. Hot on their heels is “The Big Man” and a couple of bumbling cops all looking to capture Paul and take him back to base!

“Paul” is hilarious in parts, sentimental in others and totally and utterly geekerific! If you love Sci-Fi movies, you will absolutely adore all the little in-jokes and small moments dotted around, particularly near the end of the movie when it seems as though Pegg & Frost decided to write in as many quotes and geek-spots as they possibly could.

The movie makes plenty of nods to the likes of Men In Black, ET, Close Encounters, Alien and Steven Spielberg in particular.

There’s action, adventure and a cute story at the heart of the movie that will appeal to all people of all ages. Don’t worry if you don’t get some of the in-jokes, you don’t need to have seen every sci-fi movie ever released to love what is a very funny tale of friendship and fun. Yes, it’s cliche-ridden and you can see some of the set-pieces coming an entire galaxy away, but it’s thoroughly enjoyable and a great ride.

Overall rating 8/10

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