The Cineworld Challenge is set!

Wednesday 9th March 2011 17:54 and with one text message, the challenge is set :

Yvonne Crabtree : I challenge you next week to see every film at Cineworld excl ones you have seen. You can have 1 to not see and 1 walk out.

A simple text message from one of my oldest schoolfriends and fellow cinema-fanatic Yvonne, challenging me to 11 days of fun.

The challenge came about due to the fact that I have recently been made redundant from my job and don’t start my new job until Monday 21st. Couple that with the fact that my girlfriend is away on a hen-do in Liverpool all weekend and I have a reason not to vegetate around the house for the next few days.

As stated in the rules, I am allowed one walk-out and one definitely not-see.

So here is the list of movies and times for the challenge :

Battle: Los Angeles
Fri-Thur – 13:00, 15:40, 18:30, 21:10.

Hall Pass
Fri-Thur – 13:30, 16:10, 18:40, 21:10.
Sat & Sun (As above plus…) – 11:00

Fair Game
Fri-Thur – 13:20, 15:50, 18:20, 20:50

Fri-Thur – 14:30, 17:10, 19:50
Sat & Sun (As above plus…) – 10:20, 11:50

The Adjustment Bureau
Fri-Thur – 14:50, 17:30, 20:00

Fri-Thur – 15:00, 17:50, 20:35
Sat & Sun (As above plus…) – 12:00

Fri-Thur – 13:10 (Not Sat & Sun), 15:30, 18:00, 20:30

Chalet Girl
Wed-Thur – 16:00, 18:10

Lord Of The Dance 3D
Sun & Thur – 13:40, 16:00 (not Sun), 18:20, 20:40 (not Sun)

I Am Number Four
Fri – 13:00, 18:00

Gnomeo & Juliet 3D
Sat – 11:30, 13:50

Yogi Bear 3D
Sat – 12:40

Tangled 3D
Sat – 10:15

As part of the challenge, I don’t need to go see movies which I have already seen or can get on DVD as there are a few shown as part of the Kids’ Club. Therefore I will not be seeing :

The Kings Speech – Already seen twice
West Is West – Already seen
Despicable Me – Kids Club
The Last Airbender – Kids Club
The Tooth Fairy – Already seen & Kids club

Obviously the times above can possibly change, so I will be keeping abreast of any movements and planning accordingly.

I will also write a review of each movie and post it up here as proof that I have done it.

Let the challenge commence…

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