“Ups ‘n’ Downs!” – My 2010

“We’ve been through it all together…and we’ve had our ups and downs…!”

The lyrics to “Leeds, Leeds, Leeds” or “Marching On Together” were none more fitting than in 2010. It was one rollercoaster of a year for many different reasons. From amazing football, to shite football, from relationships gone south, to new loves…here’s my review of 2010.

The year started off in flying form…none-more-so than January 3rd. A day that will be etched into the memories of Leeds United fans the world over. Leeds United had drawn Scum (Manchester United for those of you not well-versed in the vocabulary of the terraces) in the FA Cup at Scum Central Old Trafford. Now, for a big fan, this is the type of game you just don’t miss…it’s also the type of game that if you had been off work for 6 months with a bad back and had no money, you wouldn’t be able to afford. So I ended up sat in my living room with my Mum, Dad, Sister and Granddad watching on TV as Charlotte went to the game on my ticket. I sat clutching my 115/1 bet on Beckford & 1-0 to Leeds on which I had stuck a cheeky £2. The game was amazing. Leeds played fantastically and for a team in League One, we really took the game to them…and in the 19th minute, a long pass from Jonny Howson, a mis-control from Beckford and a slot into the bottom corner proved to be the winner and a nice wedge of money in my pocket. But no amount of cash could make up for missing a game like that!

With the football, the high of beating Scum dropped to the low of having a shite run in the league and almost jeopardised the entire season. I remember being at Charlton and all we had to do was win and we threw the game away leaving it all up to the final game of the season at Elland Road. Bristol Rovers could have caused massive upset at Elland Road, but it wasn’t to be. Max Gradel tried his best to throw the game when he got himself sent off and an early Bristol goal in the second half had all the makings of a miserable day…but step up Jonny Howson to score and then follow that up with a Jermaine Beckford special and madness ensued in the stands. I have never felt jubilation like it. Everyone went absolutely insane. We were on the pitch after the game and everything with the prospect of the Championship to look forward to.

This season in The Championship has proved to be quite successful so far. We’re finishing the year in fourth in the league, which we would have definitely taken at the beginning of the season, and ending 2010 with an 11-game unbeaten run is pretty good, although there have been too many draws in those games for our liking.

2011 is set to bring about a trip to the Emirates to see Arsenal vs Leeds United, another massive game that I will not be going to due to the fact I will be away in Blackpool that weekend! Also, hopefully we will see Leeds climb out of the Championship and back into the Premiership for the 2011/12 season!

The ups and downs of relationships had never been more-so than in 2010. Starting off the year in one relationship, finishing in February, then getting with someone else on the bounce who turned out to be a little bit nutty and wanted my kids after being together a month, then that broke off and I started seeing a nurse very briefly but that was going nowhere…then I saw a girl. I saw her, but she didn’t see me. We met in class….Slimming World class. But then when I saw her on a dating site I had signed up to, and we got chatting and got along really well, it was all good. I invited myself down for tea on the evening of Friday 21st May and I have not been back home since! Elle is amazing. We met, we fell in love and thats how the story goes. We’ve already had some great times together and hopefully many more to come in the future. We have so much planned in 2011 from holidays to gigs to shows to days out…I cannot wait!!!

Up, Up, and Away. Just the one main holiday in 2010. I went to Salou with Michael from work. I was originally meant to be going with Charlotte, but that fell through so up-stepped Michael. We had a right laugh. Many drunken nights and got to see tonnes of the World Cup whilst we were out there too…laughing mainly at just how back England were!!!

Elle and I also had a couple of jaunts towards the back end of the year with trips to Amsterdam and Bruges….trips I would definitely recommend to anyone…especially on the 2-for-1 deals at the end of the year!!!

2011 has no less than FIVE holidays lined up for me….Blackpool in January, another top secret one at the end of January, Atlanta Georgia for Wrestlemania in March, Ibiza in June and Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria in October…it’s gonna be a grand year!

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