Summerslam 2010

Well its here again. The 23rd annual Summerslam.

My predictions for the night are that Undertaker will return and take out Kane. Also, in the Nexus martch, either John Cena will turn on the WWE or one of the Nexus (probably the south african lad) will turn on Nexus.

The opening throes pitch up the whole Kane/Undertaker storyline as well as a big focus on the Nexus Vs Team WWE.

We get started with Dolph Ziggler defending his IC title against Kofi Kingston. The match is back and forth, as can be expected from an opening match. Both men have plenty of opportunities to win. Kofi eventually goes for Trouble In Paradise but Dolph locks in the sleeper just before Nexus rush the ring and take them both out before announcing that its exactly the same as they will do to Team WWE later tonight.

Backstage, Jericho and Edge in comedy mode (which I love) are trying to tempt The Miz into joining Team WWE. He says he will have a think but has more important things on his mind. He then steals Edge’s Slim Jim (ah, those adverts…hilarious!)

Next up is the Divas Championship with Alicia Fox vs Melina. During the match, it looked like Melina tweaked her knee and it seemed to be troubling her but she fought on and managed the victory and the title with an improvised finisher. After the match, Josh Matthews attempt to interview Melina but out come LayCool to ridicule her but Melina lays into them before being taken out.

We now get treated to a flashback of what had been occurring between the Big Show and the Straight Edges Society. Then its into a 3-on-1 affair. Big Show reveals his hand is no longer broken. It was a typical Big Show match. Nothing too physical to start with. Just Show showing his dominance of size before the SES numbers game kicked in. Big Show started fighting back before CM Punk left. Big Show then chokeslammed Mercury onto Gallows and pinned for the win.

A quality comedy advert for Slim Jims play with Edge and the Bella Twins.

Kane cuts a promo about ending Rey in the casket. Sheamus turns up and asks to borrow the casket for his match with Orton but Kane refuses. Sheamus claims to be the real Big Red Machine…I reckon that if Taker comes back tonight, The Miz will cash in Money In The Bank.

As we get ready for Sheamus vs Randy Orton for the WWE Title, The Miz comes out and says that every member of team WWE begged him earlier to come into the team. He then says he will be part of team WWE later tonight. The Miz really knows how to work the crowd and nailed it perfectly here. He is going to be massive in the company if he keeps his head on straight!

Finally we are ready for Orton vs Sheamus. In the big buildup, Triple H gets quite a big mention…hmmmmmmm…then the commentary mention HHH loads too…

The rules for this one are that if anyone interferes on Sheamus’ behalf, they will be suspended. If Orton loses, he cannot have any rematch against Sheamus.

Back and forth again it goes. Until eventually Sheamus nails Orton with the big kick but Orton kicks out. Sheamus flips and gets a steel chair. The ref tries stopping him and eventually the ref gets thrown out of the ring and the ref calls for the bell for a DQ. Sheamus then attempts to hit Orton with the chair but misses and gets taken out. Orton then pulls the cover off the announcer’s table. He puts Sheamus on the table before hitting an RKO onto the announcers table which doesn’t break…looks like they must’ve strengthened those tables!!!

An advert plays for Cena’s new movie which looks like a bit of an emotional drama where Cena is a convict who helps his brother train as a wrestler.

…And now we are set for Rey Mysterio vs Kane…Kane comes to the ring wheeling a Casket which he places at ringside and opend to reveal as empty. The whole story of Undertaker being injured and left for dead has been a good one and has really helped Glen Jacobs develop the Kane character more and get himself to the forefront of Smackdown…will Undertaker make an appearance later? I expect he will be in the coffin in a bit…!

Kane naturally dominant in the match but Mysterio uses his size and speed well. As is typical in these types of matches, Rey gets a couple of good moves in but Kane’s power hits back hard. The momentum continues to shift. Rey goes for 619 but Kane flattens him with a clothesline. Kane throws Rey outside which allows Rey time to adjust his kneepad which was obviously troubling him. Mysterio hits a flying headbutt battering ram from the top rope which was nice but Kane quickly slams Rey afterwards. Kane hits a huge sidewalk slam before going to the top rope…Rey trys bringing Kane down with a hurricanrana but Kane resists before flying off the top rope himself and missing. Rey nearly rolls onto the casket before hitting a seated senton and a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Rey attempts a few more covers to no avail. He goes to the top rope but Kane hits a right hand on the way down.

Kane then goes to the casket and opens it, ready for Rey. Rey counters and goes for the 619 but gets caught and thrown to the casket. Rey jumps out and closes the casket before hitting a 619 to Kane. He almost covers but Kane kicks out and picks Rey up before hitting a HUGE chokeslam to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kane celebrates with the microphone and says Rey would pay for what he did to Taker. He says Rey will be surrounded by darkness in the casket and Kane opens the caskey which is still empty…damn…Rey fights back and Kane closes the casket…another two chokeslams for Rey before a tombstone. Kane opens the casket again to put Rey in and The Undertaker is inside!!!!!!! I knew it!!! Kane points taker to Mysterio. Rey says he didn’t do it and Taker says he believes him before he turns and faces Kane. Taker and Kane lock up and Kane hits the Undertaker with a Tombstone! Kane stands over Taker and laughs. The Kane vs Undertaker feud is officially underway!

We now see a load of Summerslam Axxess stuff which looked fun.

And now, the Nexus walk the corridor ready for the main event…something insane is due to happen in this match at the end…I am still saying a Cena Hell Turn would be AMAZING!!! In reality though, I can see Bret turning and being revealed as the GM and revealing he did it all to get back at Vince.

Nexus out first looking menacing. John Cena out next with new attire…hmmm…heel turn with new merchandise? Not likely. But the commentary team allude to Cena being the one constant in team WWE…Edge out next then R Truth dances down to ringside. Next up is Jericho to break down the walls. He is looking pensive as he approaches the ring. John Morrison enters next…he is growing a beard…a sign of a heel turn? Next out is Bret Hart…Edge gives a little smil as he sees him. And then finally, out comes The Miz who was only announced earlier tonight…but Cena stops him and tells him he is too late and they already have a seventh man…and out comes…

DANIEL BRYAN!!! Holy shit! He was meant to be suspended! Looks like the WWE were fucking with us all along!!!

What a swerve and well done to the WWE for keeping that one under wraps!!!

Bryan starts and quickly makes Darren Young tap out. Fast paced start. R Truth is in with Justin Gabriel next and hits an amazing stunner move but Gabriel kicks out. Michael Tarver tagged in who goes to work on R Truth. Truth tags in John Morrison who eliminates Tarver. Skip Sheffield enters and overpowers Morrison. Morrison starts fighting back but Gabriel helps out and Morrison is eliminated. Skip Sheffield now eliminates John Morrison.

In comes Jericho onto Sheffield. Sheffield brings in Wade Barrett. After taking down Jericho, in comes David Otunga. A few moments later, back comes Wade Barrett. He stretches Jericho out. Jericho fights back and tags in Bret Hart. In comes Heath Slater too. Bret hammers away. Bret looking good all of a sudden. Bret locks in the Sharpshooter. Slater tags Sheffield as a chair comes in and Bret uses it on Skip. Bret gets DQ’d. Jericho comes in and twats Skip Sheffield with a codebreaker before Edge spears Sheffield for the pin.

Justin Gabriel in ring with Edge now and its back and dorth. Edge covers but Gabriel kicks out. Gabriel hits a huge kick to Edge’s face but no pin win. Heath Slater tagged in. Edge beaten down before Barrett comes back in. Edge takes more of a beating as Barrett distracts the ref and Justin Gabriel helps out again. Edge eventually gets a double knockdown with Barrett and then gets taken out with a neckbreaker. Otunga comes in but Edge counters and takes him out.

Edge makes the tag to Jericho who takes out Otunga with a Lionsault and the Walls of Jericho…Otunga taps out. Heath Slater next in against Jericho. 4-3 lead to WWE at the moment.

Jericho accidentally knocks Cena off the apron and then gets eliminated by Heath Slater. Cena and Edge argue. Edge pushes Cena and then gets pinned by Slater! Cena and Bryan only ones left. Edge takes out Cena. Jericho helps.

Cena thrown in the ring. Slater beats down on him before Barrett comes in. This could still go either way. Barrett punches Cena a few times. Daniel Bryan gets the fans going and back comes Cena before getting nailed by Barrett. Gabriel is tagged in. Cena taken down again. Its looking grim for the WWE team now…but its Cena…he always does this!

Cena kicks out of a DDT again. Barrett comes back in. Barrett with a big sidewalk slam as the fans half shout for Cena and half tell him he sucks…!

Cena fights back and almost gets Bryan in but Slater stops him. Cena and Slater in a double takedown and in comes Daniel Bryan…will he turn back to Nexus? Bryan takes out Slater and Gabriel from the ringside. Bryan really goes to work on Slater and pulls off a great leap through the ropes. The fans get behind Bryan who takes everyone out before eliminating Heath Slater…2-2…Cena and Bryan vs Gabriel and Barrett. In comes THE MIZ who takes out Bryan!!!!!!

Bryan pinned!

Cena vs Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett…

Cena battered by Barrett and in comes Gabriel. Cena beaten down more before fighting back. Cena does his trademark comeback!!! You Can’t See Me and all that shit. Barrett tags himself in and beats down Cena. Barrett and Gabriel keep swapping tags until Barrett is in the ring with Cena. Barrett knocks Cena to the outside. Gabriel lifts up the mats at ringside. Barrett DDT’s Cena to the concrete…is it all over?

Cena rolled back into ring. Barrett calls Gabriel for his top rope move…450 splash but Cena moves and pins Gabriel. 1-on-1. Barrett taken down…STU locked in on Barrett. Barrett taps out and Team WWE wins!!!

So the shock was The Miz turning on Team WWE.

All in all a decent PPV…8 out of 10!

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