Leeds United 4-0 Lincoln City – 10/08/10 – Carling Cup Rnd 1

12,602 fans packed into Elland Road for tonight’s first round clash with Lincoln…and to be fair around 7,000 of them were Chavs who only turn up to cheap cup games or cup finals. This was never more evident than when prior to kickoff we were hearing more chants about “Manchester” than we were about Leeds United!

I think I actually counted just two teeth between three members of the same family at one point!

Even the dreaded “Munich” song reared its ugly head during the game but got shot down pretty soon after. In fact, we were only a “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…Mexican Wave” away from being 100% Chavtastical. Had a cheeky shout down to LPP from WACCOE who was sat down at the front (can I please point out that the link between the Chav comments and LPP was purely coincidental and nothing was intended…Mr Grimley is a good man!)

On a night where the stewards even got more attention for being little Hitlers than the players on the pitch did, Simon Grayson did his best to overturn the 2-1 defeat at the hands of the Ram-Shaggers on Saturday. One inspired decision was to drop Captain Naylor and put Steve “Scum” Bruce’s kid into the back four. Hopefully he’d make a good impact and earn himself a Brucie Bonus (!)

Tonight marked the first game I had attended with Elle who had been looking forward to Extra Time and Penalties all week…until I told her we couldn’t take Penalties so we would lose.

It was also nice to hear the Neil Hudgens law parody of “I Could Be So Good For You!” again inside the Stadium:MK…oops, I meant Elland Road.


Shit…I didn’t even realise we had kicked off and there is Jonny Howson at the back post headin in a Lloyd Sam cross with just one minute fifty seconds on the clock…the Lincoln fans must’ve thought it was going to be “one o’dem nights”…but surely Leeds would now sit back and let Lincoln at them as they do time and time again…

5min 50 into the game and Leeds were 2-0 up. Bradley Johnson had a shot stopped before Sanchez “You watt, you watt, you watt you watt you watt” Watt crossed a good ball for Becchio to score his second of the season and increase the lead.

With just half an hour on the clock Lloyd Sam slotted another ball into the back of the net for Leeds’ third.

Halftime rolled around and the eagerly anticipated half time entertainment kicked in. The good old SportingBet half time £25 gamble thingymijig! Let’s hope someone could do better than the loser on Saturday…

Now the rules are simple…yet I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with it…you are given £25 to gamble. The easy option from the penalty spot, kicked without hitting the floor into the goal provides odd of 2/1…so you get £50 back…but then you get to gamble that £50 on a 4/1 shot…so…that should be £200 right? Wrong! They are only paying £100…so if you win £100 and gamble it on the next won you should be almost a millionaire but you only win £500…SportingBet aint got a clue about odds…clearly!

Anyway…some guy hit the first one (on his second attempt after pea-rolling it into the goal first try) and then gambled and missed…ah well…he wasn’t getting the right payout on the odds anyway so I wouldn’t be fussed.

The second half got underway with plenty of abuse for the away keeper (ooooooooooooooh you shit bastard ahh-ahhh-ahhhhhhh-ahhh) and Leeds still looked ahhhhhhhhhh the brighter team and ahhhhhh pushed forwards and ahhhhhh (ok you can stop that now!)

Lloyd Sam was brought down in the area for a penalty and up stepped.new penalty taker Neil Kilkenny who smacked it home.

The rest of the game was a formality and the game ended 4-0…tune in on Saturday at midday for the draw when we will end up with a 400 mile round-trip on a Tuesday night to the arse-end of nowhere!

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

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5 Responses to Leeds United 4-0 Lincoln City – 10/08/10 – Carling Cup Rnd 1

  1. Elle belle says:

    Elles highlights
    a) it didn’t rain
    b) saw some nice police horses
    c) got to sit in your “season ticket” seat
    d) got to wave at Lucas the cop cat
    e) got elbowed in the head by you when Leeds scored 3rd goal
    f)decided lufc hoody is a defo investment for future night games

    🙂 xxx

    • Nicholson says:

      LMAO @ Elle Belle’s highlights……can we have more of those please….maybe even a 80/20 covering of the blog. Obviously Dave still has 80% tho.

      Nice blog Dave! Peace Out! MOT!

      Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

  2. Dave of Morley says:


  3. TSS says:

    Extremely funny read! Nice one mate… MOT!

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