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Welcome to the LUFC Predictor

Leeds United 1-1 Brighton, Welbeck, 21st min

One game to go…and the league is all change again!!!
Don’t forget, I am away on holiday from Thursday, so the final prediction will have to wait to be scored until after I get back. I can only apologise for this but I won’t have my computer with me to work it all out

This Match
Saul Freeman pulled in a HUGE 13pts. He nailed the score and the goal time. Four of you went for the 1-1 result and the last minute equaliser picked up a nice 8pts for you. Gary Overend, Ethan Oliver, George Butler and Keith Taylor….with the first three of those backing it up with an extra goal time point.
Check out all the points you scored on the Results page

Everything is stupidly close at the top. Gary Overend’s 9pts leaps him to first place. Kevan Taylor is 1pt behind him. Dave Woollin drops to 3rd and is now 4pts behind 2nd. Paul Coombs is just 3pts behind Dave, with Stewart Dalziel 3pts away.Any of the next 6 or so positions can get into the money on the last game though!
Check out the full league here

Predictor Of The Month
Gary Overend is flying in this last month.He’s got a 9pt lead at the top with just the Brentford game to come.
Check out the Predictor of the month game on the POTM page

The Cup will return in the next season
Go to the Cup page to see how you are doing.

Next Match
Brentford vs Leeds in the Premier League on Sunday 22nd May at 4pm. Deadline will be 3pm on the day of the game.
Go to the Predictor Page to get those predictions in

Prize Breakdown
Total Players = 85
Total Prize Fund = £1,275

League Prizes
1st = £430
2nd = £210
3rd = £130
4th = £50
5th = £30

Cup Prizes
Winner = £160 – Phill Huxall
Runner Up = £50 – Julie Todd

Referral Prize = £15

Predictor Of The Month = £20 per month
August – Sue Woollin
September – Martin Richardson
October – Ethan Oliver
November – Phill Huxall
December – Georgia Stubbs
January – Nigel Heathcote & Kevan Taylor
February – Kevan Taylor
March – Phill Huxall
April – George Butler
May –

5 Responses to LUFC Predictor

  1. Nigel Heathcote says:

    I’ve just joined and paid £15
    I have not been asked for a password yet
    I can not see my name in the section when I try to predict

    • You are in there now.

      The password is just one you use each time so I know it’s you predicting, that way it cuts down on any mistakes if someone predicts using your name by accident as I can cross reference the password used etc.

  2. David Parkin says:

    Hope your well
    Payment been made for
    David Parkin
    Lisa Allen
    Nathan Parkin
    By PayPal from D W Parkin
    Lisa Allen same e mail address as myself and Nathan’s is

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