LUFC Predictor – Sign Up

Signups are open for the LUFC Predictor 2022/23 season.

Tell everyone you know and see at the games. Get them to sign up.

Register your interest by filling in your Name and Email Address below to be added to the mailing list for next year’s game. If you want to pay your entry fee early to guarantee your entry, send your money here :

It will be once again be just £15 to play for the entire season and there will be fantastic Prize Money up for grabs. All entry fees are paid out in prize money less around a tenner in admin for me to keep the site registered for the year.

The game is simple. For every Leeds United game you predict :

  • The Score
  • The 1st Goalscorer
  • Time of the first goal

You score points for everything. We run a League competition paying top 5, a knockout cup competition with a winner and runner up prize, and a Predictor of the Month competition all for your entry fee.

And if you don’t think you will remember to predict every game you can submit a “Placeholder Prediction” that will allow you to put in a Prediction across the whole season that will be your default if you forget to predict.

Tell your friends, family, football buddies, anyone! Send them to :