LUFC Prediction League

Hello and welcome to the Leeds United Prediction League game.

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The game is just £15 entry for the whole of the 2016/2017 season and it could not be simpler.

For every Leeds United game, you need to predict the following :

  • Home team goals
  • Away team goals
  • 1st Goalscorer (from either team)
  • Time of the 1st goal
  • Attendance

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This year it’s easier than ever to play :

Likely to miss a few predictions? 
Why not put a Placeholder Prediction in place for the entire season so your predictions default to that if you forget to put an individual prediction in. You can do this yourself by entering your predictions on the Predictions Page or by letting me know on Facebook or at

Going on holiday?
You can pre-predict any amount of games – just select which games you need to predict in the drop-down on the Predictions Page. Remember, any submissions will automatically overwrite any previous submissions. Only your last one per game will count.

Get involved today. We’re getting extremely close to the beginning of the new season and we need to get you signed up ASAP.

Happy Predicting 🙂