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Easy to play, fun to compete, great to win.

Latest News

  • No more Cup games for Leeds United, so the fixtures are now set in stone…unless we end up in the Playoffs.
  • The 5th Round of the cup is underway with just one game to go…How are you progressing? Check here

Latest Result
Leeds 2-0 Derby, Roofe, 20th min, 34668 attendance

Next Match
Stoke vs Leeds – Saturday 19th January – 3pm kickoff – 2pm deadline for predictions

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league table

Predictor Of The Month

potm 6.3

Prize Breakdown
Total Players = 87 @ £15 each
Total Prize Fund = £1,305

League Prizes
1st = £450
2nd = £200
3rd = £100
4th = £60
5th = £30

Cup Prizes
Winner = £150
Runner Up = £60

Referral Prize = £15

Highest overall single-match score = £15 – Current Leader – Reuben Warren (15 points)

Predictor Of The Month = £25 per month
August – Chris Pearson – 38 points
September – Sue Woollin – 20 points
October – Oliver Edwards – 29 points
November – Amanda Forbes – 22 Points
December – Gary Coleman – 29 points
January – Current Leader – Sue Woollin – 12 Points (2 games to go)

Predictor History
Check out all the history of the LUFC Predictor on our History page


4 Responses to LUFC Predictor

  1. Nigel Heathcote says:

    I’ve just joined and paid £15
    I have not been asked for a password yet
    I can not see my name in the section when I try to predict

    • You are in there now.

      The password is just one you use each time so I know it’s you predicting, that way it cuts down on any mistakes if someone predicts using your name by accident as I can cross reference the password used etc.

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