Horror Month 4/31 – The Rage – ♥&1/2

Infected, or cured?


“A Mega dose of pure terror” claims the poster. Well it was a mega dose of something that is for sure…mixed with a ridiculous amount of noise.

After having a fairly noisy and hectic day in real life, deciding to sit down and watch Rage wasn’t the brightest of ideas.

Around 60% of this film is people screaming, infected being groaning or birds squawking (we will get to that).

A mad scientist is infecting people with a rage virus, which obviously goes wrong and the infected escape before terrorising people, which would be all well and good if that was the story, but it isn’t…as one of the infected gets killed, and vultures eat him….then the vultures are infected and start to attack people, which again would have been alright if that had been the story, but then we go back to it being an infected person story again.

Its a little all over the place, but one thing I really like is the practical special effects in the film that are done really well. Andrew Divoff (last time I saw him was in The Wishmaster) is great in one of the main roles as the psychotic doctor conducting the experiments.

If the film had been dialled down a little bit and more invested in the story, it might have been worth more than I gave it, but unfortunately it doesn’t get any better than this.

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