Horror Month 2/31 – The Descent ♥♥♥♥

Anyone for caving? Yeah, me neither!


As if the fear of squeezing through tight tunnels wasn’t enough, here is a film that takes that fear, throws you into it immersively, then ramps up the fear factor as far as it can push.

A distinctly British film, Neil Marshall’s The Descent starts off innocently enough (after a Final Destination-eqsue opening scene) with a traumatised girl being taken away with her friends on a caving holiday in the Appalachian mountains. What could possibly go wrong? Well everything as it seems.

Once underground, with one of the girls taking them into a different cave system to the tourist attraction one they thought they were going to in order to spice it up, the girls have to work together to get out to safety…. But falling rocks and unknown systems is the worst of their worries when they encounter strange man-bat-like creatures that live in the caves, unable to see, but able to hear the girls every move… Which they figure out pretty quick, and then proceed to make all manner of loud noises in the most annoying of places…Lets just be quiet when we need to be eh girls?

There’s nods to films like Apocalypse now, and to an extent Nosferatu in there too.

A good horror has to be a good mix of the great death scenes as well as good suspense and this genuinely had it all. Apparently there’s a second one too….does that make the list?

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